2017 NTABL Rookie League

NTABL Rookie League


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What is it?
Rookie League is the NTABL player pool league, instructional league, rust busting and rehab league all rolled into one. It is open to all ages and abilities.

Who plays in it?
Players who have been away from baseball for a few (or more) years use it to get re-acclimated to the game. Kids coming home from college use it to try and find a team for the rest of the summer. Regular league players use it for extra practice. It is no-cut, guaranteed playing time open to all ages and all ability levels. Experienced league players participating in the league serve as mentors for new players.

When are the games?
Games are played on Saturday mornings on fields in the Dallas area. There are no formal practices, and players are free to practice on their own.

How long is the season, and when does it start?
The season is ten games. We’ll have an open tryout and scrimmage a couple of weeks before the season begins for purposes of player evaluation. The league will assign players to teams and release the schedule over the Memorial Day weekend. Opening Day is June 3.

How much does it cost?
The cost is $165 and includes fields, umpires, baseballs, league adminsistation and insurance. Players currently on a NTABL National, American, Veterans, Masters or Legacy roster can play for $80.

I have a buddy who wants to play. Can we be on the same team?
Yes! Simply use the “small group” feature when you register. The same applies to fathers and sons, neighbors, teammates on other teams, etc.

I’m a middle aged guy or not very experienced.  
I don’t want to be shown up by a bunch of kids.
Don’t worry!  The Rookie League is for everyone.  The teams are divided evenly so the games are competitive.  Those “young-uns” will be on your team, too.  The emphasis on this league is fun.  The league admins who actively manage the teams make sure of it.

I played D1, am ex-pro and very competitive.
I don’t want to scrape it around with a bunch of old men and scrubs.  
See above.  Rookie League might not be for you.
Keep in mind that this is also our player pool league.  The big clubs will be looking for mid-season player additions and Rookie League is one of the first places they look.  So, then again, it might be for you.

How do I sign up?
Simply go to our website http://dallasmsbl.com , click the orange button that says “sign me up” and follow the prompts for Rookie League. ALL players must be registered and paid before stepping on the field (sorry, no exceptions).

What equipment will I need?
Baseball attire: baseball pants, sock, cleats, belt cap. The Rookie League owns game jerseys you can wear.
You’ll need your glove, wood bat and batting helmet. A protective cup is recommended. Bring your own water, sports drinks, etc.

More questions?
Email contactus@dallasmsbl.com

Ready to sign up?
Click HERE!

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