Rookie League

Rookie League registration is open.

Cost to play is $150 for ten games.
Players currently on an NTABL Open, Veterans or Masters roster can play for half price ($75).

Play begins on Saturday, May 17 at WT White High School.  We’ll have an open workout to evaluate talent and create evenly matched teams, then we’ll have a game.  We’ll take Memorial Day Weekend off, then resume with two games per Saturday until we complete the 10 game schedule.

Players need to pre-register and prepay before showing up on the 17th.  Bring your equipment: glove, wood bat (always!), cleats, baseball pants, cap, etc.  We’ll have some batting helmets but you may want to pick up your own.  A protective cup is recommended.  You’ll also want to bring your own water or sports drinks.

Bring the HEAT!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. David Brounoff says:

    I was wondering do I have to pay another $150? I registered backed in January and I payed the free agent fee.

    1. kirkpruitt says:

      No, if you already paid $150 you are good to go.

  2. David Brounoff says:

    oh ok cool. thank you mr Pruitt.

  3. Ryan Winniford says:

    what time is the practice and game saturday??

    1. kirkpruitt says:

      You should arrive no later than 8:30, pre-registered and pre-paid.
      The workout will begin at 9AM followed by the first game at 11AM.

  4. Are composite bats allowed or only wood?

    1. kirkpruitt says:

      Composite bats are allowed.

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